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If we wanted this piece to speak to both the novice and connoisseur and have it fully functional in the workspace, it needed to be one piece, which means no lid (I’ve seen a lot of lids break in my day when it gets busy).  Instead of a lid, we designed the Alpha Pot so that the Alpha Mug can rest on top for those who want to brew with a make shift lid.

We also needed the person brewing the tea to be able to pour tea out of the pot without it becoming unbearably hot. Usually pots have some sort of bamboo piece attached to the pot so your hand does not get too hot. But because we wanted to use only clay and didn’t want a handle on the pot, we flared the rim on the top so that extreme heat would not make it up to where your hand is resting. In conjunction with the flared rim, we placed the spout lower than the top of the pot, which does two things:

1. It prevents the pour from traveling close to the rim and thus keeps the heat lower than your hand. 

2. It allows you to know how much water to pour into the pot. Once you see water start to fill the spout, that is when you stop pouring. 

When brewing tea in Taiwan, pitchers are always used when sharing tea. After the tea has been infused, since you will be using small share cups, you first need to decant the tea from the pot into the pitcher. Then with the pitcher, you will pour the necessary amount into the cups you are using to share. 

After designing the pot, it was easy to design the pitcher because we wanted them to be similar in look and size. The flare and the main body would look the same, so we just needed to design how it poured. We decided on just a slightly shallower indent in the clay for the pour than what you would normally see. We like this because it reminds us of water flowing from a waterfall.

The Alpha Share cups keep the same body shape as the rest of the series and although they are simple, they are well-balanced and great to hold.


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